Tuesday, September 2, 2008



SWIMMING: Rs. 60/- per GUEST.
GYM: Rs. 60/- per GUEST.

1) Club will remain closed on Tuesday wef. May 07 for proper maintenance and better service. Hence Gym will be opened on Fridays.
2) Galaxy karaoke Bar and Tropicana Restaurant will remain closed from 3 p.m to 5 p.m on weekdays.
3) We organize birthday theme parties for members and children. Theme parties (i) Pirate (ii)Monster (iii) Chocolate (iv) Colour (v) Cartoon (vi) Superman (vii) Spiderman (viii) Cartoon Network (ix) Halloween (x) Dance party (xi) Bat man (xii) Krishna.
4) Members can contribute to the magazine by providing articles, jokes etc. They may also advertise our back page @ Rs.500/- size (6cm X 6cm).
5) All outstanding will have to be cleared by the 10th of the month. Credit facility will cease of outstanding if not cleared. Please co-operate.
6) Loud music will be strictly stopped by 11 p.m. However the music will be loud enough to dance.
7) Stags guests will not be allowed on the dance floor.
8) Members are requested not to promote parties on behalf of non-members at the Galaxy. This privilege is only for the members Please co-operate.
9) Members are requested not to send guests without being accompanied by the members themselves and through telephonic conversation.
10) Consumption of own liquor, food & beverages in the club is strictly prohibited.
11) Members who introduce new member will be awarded handsome benefits as part of our “Member’s Referral Programme.”
12) Please enter your name & your guests at the office during your visit.
13) Kindly update us your new telephone and mobile number, if there is any change.
14) Please take care of your belongings. Club is not responsible for lost of any valuable items.
15) Members are here by requested to switch of the power, treadmill, the A.C. and the machine use, before the leave and to keep the weights in the right place.

Discount structure:

Spend and get back as credit.
Spend Rs.3000.00 – Rs.4000.00 for a month and get back 5% of your total bills value as credit.
Spend Rs.4000.00 – Rs. 5000.00 for a month and get back 7.5% of your total bills value as credit.
Spend Rs.5000.00 and above for a month and get back 10% of your total bills value as credit.

The above discount structure will not be applicable on the bills, which are already discounted.
It is also not applicable on the personal party’s bills.
It is also cannot be adjusted with the outstanding bills, can be used towards your future purchases at Club.
10% flat discount on the single bill (the bill value of Rs.2000.00 and above).

New Guest Fee Menu
Make your total bill value as per the values below mentioned and get waived off your guest charges.
No. of Guest Bill Value (in Rs)
01 300
02 600
03 900
04 1200
05 1500
06 1800
07 2100
08 2400
09 2700
10 3000

Bill value of Rs.4000/-(including discounts) and above, there will be no guest fees. W.E.F 8/23/2008. If the above criterion is not met, the normal guest charges will be applicable on bills.

Monday, September 1, 2008


The Blue Mountain Country Club & Resorts is organizing the “Blue Mountain Super Sunday”, which is going to be first of its kind in Siliguri.

The program would be held on the last Sunday of every month for next 6 months (From September to March). It is in the effort to change the face of Sunday life in Siliguri. It’ll be tailored in a way that it’ll be become an awaiting event in the town every year.

Various events planned for the “Blue Mountain Super Sunday” are:

01. Stalls
02. Maha Tombolla (Grand Prize Money)
03. Debating Competition
04. D.J Nites
05. Ramp Shows
06. Rock Shows
07. Live Band
08. Track Singing
09. Gazals, Qawali & Folk Dance and Songs.
10. Various games, competitions and programs for Children, Ladies and Gents.
11. Quiz Competition.
12. Magic Show
13. Pool Side Movie Show
14. Juggling
15. Bar-B-Que with Bon-fire
16. Food Festivals for various cusine
17. Drawing Competition
18. Saxophone Player
19. Dance Troupe
20. Games Stalls
21. Violin Player
22. Rain Dance
23. Unplugged
24. Flower Show
25. Tea Exhibitions
26. Painting Exhibitions and Competitions
27. Science Exhibitions
28. Marathon on the last Sunday
29. Laughter Day
30. Cute Walk
31. Dance competition
32. Antakshari
33. Tol Mole ka sol
34. Mehendi Competition
35. Cooking Lesson
36. Mrs. Blue Mountain Contest
37. Balloon Gun ( Air Gun)
38. Paper Dance
39. Balloon Dance.

If anybody wish to put up your own stall on any of these events, please contact us @0353-2574456.

Itinerary for the Month of September 2008:

Date: 28/09/2008.
Time: 5 pm onwards
1. Poolside for Event.
2. Conference Hall for the dinner

Dinner: 9 p.m onwards

Dinner Charges:
Rs.350/- per Stag Guest (One Complimentary Tombola Ticket worth Rs.100/-)
Rs. 600/- per Couple Guest (One Complimentary Tombola Ticket worth Rs.100-/).
Rs.400/- per Couple Family Member.
Rs.200/- per Member Stag.

Dinner Menu:
Butter Naan, Peas Puri, Veg Pulao, Plain Rice, Alu Bhaja, Chaana Dal with Coconut, Alu Dum, Gobi Motor, Paneer butter Masala, Chicken Masala, Green Salad, Russian salad, 2 types of Chutni, Gulab Jamun.

1) Magic Show for Children ( 6 p.m to 6.45 p.m)

2) Make-Up Demo by a Beautician from Kolkata.
3) Games for Ladies (Balloon Popping Contest) 6.45 p.m to 7.30 p.m
4) Games for Gents (Water Ball Collecting Contest) 7.30 p.m to 8 p.m .
5) Maha Tambola (Grand Prize Money) and Prizes Distributions for the above competitions. (8 p.m to 9.30 p.m
6) From 9.30 p.m to 11 p.m: DJ Nite (Prizes for the Best Couple Dancer).

Thursday, August 28, 2008

“An Evening with a BMCC& R Member”.

It was a quite warm Sunday evening. Our swimming pool was packed with kids, husbands, wives. The day was quite busy. To make our monthly magazine more interesting, we’d started a column “An Evening with a BMCC& R Member”. Mr. Sandeep Agrawal; Membership #BM/121/06/35 Yr/F , who was the member of year 2007 was the first member to be interviewed for the column As always, our one and only Mrs. Anna H was our host for the evening.

Anna: Good Evening Mr. Sandeep Agrawal,
Sandeep: Good Evening.

Anna: It’s really nice to have you here at the club with us this evening.
Sandeep: It’s my pleasure to be here.

Anna: Well, it’s just a formal talk we’re going to have today evening; I hope you’re going to enjoy the show.
Sandeep: Yes, I’ll.

Anna: Well, could u please tell us something about your interest and hobby?
Sandeep: I love dancing, going out for driving; night drive specially, partying around with my friends
Anna: That’s great.
Anna: What’s your favorite food and drink?
Sandeep: I love Chinese, tandoori, and different mock tails.

Anna: I’m sure you’d love to travel.
Sandeep: Ya! I love to travel.

Anna: So, which is your favorite destination and holiday spot? Anywhere in the world?
Sandeep: I like Australia, I‘d been to Paris, Zurich. I’d say that Zurich is the best place I’d ever visited.
Anna: Why do you feel that that Zurich is the best place you’d ever visited?
Sandeep: I feel that Zurich is a beautiful place. I felt that I was in Heaven and it’s a paradise because of its climatic condition and scenic beauty.
Anna: Geographically, it must be very beautiful?
Sandeep: Yes, that’s correct. It is.

Anna: Can you please tell us that how do you recreate yourself during your holidays?
Sandeep: Most of the time, I spend with my friends; I have many friends in Siliguri and other places. As I said, I love partying, driving with my friends. Going to movies.
Anna: Who decides what to do during the vacations? Friends or Family?
Sandeep: We decide it unanimously.
Anna: Since you’re from Siliguri. I’m sure that you’re from Siliguri. Which is your favorite place in and around siliguri? Picnic Spot.
Sandeep: Blue Mountain is one of the place who I’d like to spend time in Siliguri. Though, I don’t come everyday; I feel relaxed when I come here and meet friends over here.

Anna: During the weekends, what do you generally do?
Sandeep: Saturday is a working day for us. I meet up with the friends in evening. I also do go with my family. Most of the time, we come to Blue Mountain or some good restaurant in Siliguri. Sunday, I get the entire day, I spend time watching television, reading books and in evening; as usual I go out with my family or friends. We usually come to Blue Mountain or some good restaurant although, we don’t have many choices.

Anna: Do you like shopping?
Sandeep: I do lots of shopping; but not in Siliguri. When I go out of siliguri, I do a lot of shopping. I feel that Siliguri is not the ideal place for shopping. As I do a lot of traveling, I shop while I am out of Siliguri.
Anna: What kind of view could you give for the Blue Mountain country club?
Sandeep: In a place like Siliguri, it is an innovative and wonderful effort to make such kind of beautiful country club at the foothills of Himalayas. I feel that it is the ideal place for families with mind blowing scenic beauty all around. I feel that the facilities at the club are perfect for families. If I come with my family, my kids can swim and spend the evening in a wonderful way. If I wish to work out, I can work out at Impulse, which is the best gym in Siliguri. Lastly but not the least, we have a fantastic Environment over here.

Anna: Do you think that it is good to have a club in Siliguri?
Sandeep: Definitely, it is a platform for the people from different societies to come together and interact with each other. Apart from these, it gives us the platform to come and relax and entertain ourselves. At the same time, this gives an opportunity for the family members to interact with other people. It helps us to increase our knowledge because we get to meet different types of people. So, I feel there is no harm in having a club.

Anna: Tell us how can we improve our club?
Sandeep: As we know that our club is not that old, we already have quite number of members. I believe that in any success story there will be a point where the belief in the future outweighs the risk that you are taking. All we need to do is to keep on believe ourselves and keep going.

Anna: What do you feel about the club culture in Siliguri?
Sandeep: I feel that there are some people who believe in Club. There are other social clubs such as Rotary, Lions Club. They also have parties and entertainment. Kolkata has club culture; however, Siliguri is a developing place, it will take sometime.

Anna: Tell us few things; which you like the most about the club?
Sandeep: The best thing about our club is the location; people from metro are dying to come to this kind of place. As I have mentioned, we have a fantastic ambience over here. People over here are very humble; staffs are very nice and dedicated; members are also from very good families. There is no unwanted crowd in the club here. We really can have good time over here.

Anna: Thank you so much. Have a wonderful evening. Hope to see you here at the club every weekend.
Sandeep: Thank you so much.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The 'Blue Mountain Country Club & Resorts", Siliguri

The Blue Mountain Country Club & Resorts.
It’s a lifestyle.

The Blue Mountain Country Club & Resorts was established in 2005, the first and only Country Club in Siliguri. Nestled at the foothills of Himalyas with a river flowing through, it has no parallel. Meticulously planned, marvelous interior and landscapes, with all the modern amenities, it provides the perfect place for rejuvenation, entertainment and leisure for Siligurians- one of the most upcoming cities in India. Blue Mountain Country Club & Resorts has come up with a difference in town of Siliguri to cater its people with a distinct flavor altogether. Our club gives a new dimension to our lives. It’s a lifestyle. This is a club with a difference. We have presently more than 600 members.

The Galaxy : Karaoke Bar
Wet & Wild : The Swimming Pool with Waters Slides & Water Falls & Jacuzzi.
Tropicana : The ultimate destination that ends with homely food.
The Impulse : “The State of Art” Gym.
The Eden : Food Court (The Outdoor Restaurant)
The Zen : The Japanese Garden

Other Features :
Tennis Court, basketball, Pool table, Fishing, Badminton, Roller- skating, Table Tennis, Card, , Dolby Stereo Phonic Home Theatre, Executive Lounge cum Library, Water polo.

Activties and Events:
The club organizes activities and events for their members. Salsa Class, , Aerobics, Yoga, Dj Nites with Jamming on the Dance floor on weekends, Moonson Damaka (Rain Dance), 14th August (Our Club’s Foundations Day), 31st Nite, Competitions with prizes in games, quiz and extracurricular activities. Camping outdoors with Bonfire nights and barbecue. Tambola, Movie Shows, Picnics, Observe and celebrate all festivals of India. Charity Works, Cooking classes, Workshop on weight giant and weight loss.

Club 9 (Ladies Club):
Exclusively for the ladies members’ section of the club. They organize various activities such as Kitty parties, Classes on cooking, gardening, sewing, different ways of wearing sarees.

The upcoming features and activities:
A boutique hotel and a state of art Spa .
Martial Arts and Super Sundays.

The Galaxy : Karaoke Bar
Have a Drink……… Sing a Song.
The Galaxy is the place to chill out. You can enjoy a drink, cocktails, mocktails, play pool, dance to the latest music, shoot dart or just sit out on our balcony to enjoy the breathtaking view of the hills. Of course, you can sing your hear out in our hi-fi karaoke in English and Hindi numbers.

Wet & Wild ………. Splash in! :
First of its kind! A risk free shallow pool.
The first Amoeboid Shaped Swimming Pool with Waters Slides & Water Falls & Jacuzzi.

Tropicana : The ultimate destination that ends with homely food.
We serve all kinds of all cuisines such as North India, Tandoori, Mexican,Italian, Rajasthani, Nepali, Mughai, Thai, Chinese etc.

The Impulse : “The State of Art” Gym.
Desinged by Talwarkar of National Fame, our gym has professional personal trainer to guide each member with the latest equipment, cardios, weights, freehand,yoga, aerobics, deit control are some of the routine.

Affiliations and Tie ups:
We’re affiliated to Country Club Limited. Using our Blue Mountain Country Club & Resorts membership, you’d be able to visit 25 destinations in India, where there is a Country Club property.

We’ve almost completed our formalities for a tie- up with UB group, the liquor company. Along with them, we’d be organizing various events and activities. We’ve also given our proposal for a tie- up with Gymkhana, Darjeeling and Planters’ Club. Hopefully, by end of this month, we’ll finalize the tie-up.

Blue Mountain Country Club & Resorts offers memberships only for families. Our memberships are designed for the applicant, the spouse, the dependent single children (21 Yrs. and below) and their parents (optional).

“Blue Mountain” memberships are open for Family, Corporate or Group for 10 years, 5 years and 1 year
Please contact us @ +91 98326-36872; 2574456, 6451844 for membership

Some of the well known personalities/ companies who’ve become our members:
01. Dr. R.K Agrawal (Social-worker and Doctor)
02. Mr.Jayanta Moulick (Politician)
03. Mr. S.K Gazmer (Government Official)
04. Mr. Amarnath Tiwari (Politician)
05. Mr. Harish Himat Singhka ( Ownver of Lexicon)
06. Mr. Pradeep Agarwal (Owner of Kaysons)
07. Mr. PC Masakara (Well known Chartered Accountant)
08. Mr. Gopal Chodhury (Well known Chartered Accountant).
09. Vodafone.
10. Spicejet
11. Jetairways.
12. Bajjaj Allianz.